sometimes i look at people on my dash and i think

who the fuck are you

when did i follow you

you’re not posting things relative to my interests

but i can’t unfollow you becasue i can’t remember why i did

it might have been important

Laverne Cox gets her LIFE when Beyoncé performs Rocket at the 2014 MTV VMAs.


Mirror signs, various locations - Sydney.


if you think i wouldnt suck a dick for concert tickets you are 2000% wrong

Track Name: Sasquatch Story
Artist: Arin Hanson feat. Danny Avidan
Album: Super Mario 3D Party: Part 20
Play Count: 4,120 plays


not sure if someone else has uploaded this perfection because it’s so perfect   [x]


people wonder why i sit alone and play video games every day but honestly video games have never failed me compared to the many people who attempted to be part of my life